- UNIX/Linux based evronment (Not tested on Windows)
- Citrix command line utilities (session retrieval and session control): ctxquery, ctxlogoff ...
- Remote shell rsh utility (Windows + Cygwin with 'rsh' utility might work)
- Perl Modules: Test::More (for tests), Net::Ping (optional), Net::DNS

If you still (despite the reservations) want to try to use the modules on Windows,
you should be familiar with Cygwin.

On Ubuntu you might want to install package(s) 'libnet-dns-perl' to satisfy dependency for
Net::DNS.  Net::Ping is a CORE Module (since at least 5.8.8) so there is no need for
separate install. Also 'perl-doc' might be missing on your Ubuntu, so install it to read perldoc
on the module.

Installation is the usual routine of Perl module install (using Makefile.PL)

  % perl Makefile.PL
  % make
  % make test
  % sudo make install

Practical example for installation on Apachefriends XAMPP (
machine, with custom installation path:

  % /opt/lampp/bin/perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/crazy/place/
  % make
  % make test
  % sudo make install