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Version 1.10 31 December 2008

   Removed sensitivity to spaces in the IP attribute.
   Minor bug fixes in tests.

Version 1.09 8 June 2005

   Fixed portability issue with Makefile.PL. 

   Corrected a problem with the DTD for "Version 0" (needed for
   backward portability). 

Version 1.08 public release, 3 June 2005

Version 1.07 

  Rewrite and extention addition of many features.

  The DTD for the configuration file has changed. Although this 
  module still reads the old configuration XML you are adviced to 
  change the XML by running 
    xsltproc transform-conf.xsl oldconf.xml > newconf.xml

  perldoc Net::DNS::TestNS::DTD contains the commentend type

  (for xsltproc see the libxslt home page: )

Version 1.04 26 Feb 2004:
 Added the delay attribute to the <qtype> element.

  Note that you have to make sure that element is defined in the DTD
  if you want to use it.

Version 1.05 27 Feb 2004:

  Added <!-- include="filepath"--> feature.

Version 1.06 27 Feb 2004:

  Added runtime verbose setting
  Return 0 on failure and sets $NCC::DNS::TestNS::errorcondition 

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