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Oliver Gorwits

Changes for version 2.021000

    • Add IP Phones discovered through LLDP/CDP report
    • Add device/node/vlan/port specific search from Navbar
    • Add Undiscovered Neighbors admin report
    • [#3] [#47] Device Neighbor Map can have max depth and VLAN filter
    • [#31] get_community now supported
    • [#19] Ask for Reason when changing Port up/down Status, or VLAN
    • [#30] Support for expire_devices, expire_nodes, and expire_nodes_archive
    • Port Log viewable via an icon by device port name (Port Control rights req'd)
    • [#1] Subnet Utilization report (J. van Ingen)
    • Support for snmpforce_v1, snmpforce_v2, snmpforce_v3
    • Require SNMP::Info 3.10+, use new c_cap method to tag device remote_type as 'IP Phone:' or 'AP:' when those capabilities are advertised by LLDP or CDP
    • Port MAC query now only returns distinct MAC's
    • Keep a hint to SNMP community if new style snmp_auth config is in use
    • [#43] Add doc note about PostgreSQL MD5 authN
    • [#49] Allow device port searching with preference for port/name/vlan. This is to support some devices (HP?) which have plain numbers for port names and Netdisco defaults to assuming this is a VLAN number (R. Kerr)
    • Upgrade floatThead JS plugin to improve performance for large tables
    • Don't queue devices which are excluded by configuration or don't have the layers to support the operation
    • [#61] Arpnip debug text says it is resolving aliases instead of ARP entries (Robert Kerr)
    • [#60] Incorrect format string in store_vlans (Robert Kerr)
    • Fix form reset icon on ports tab when using custom path (Daniel Tuecks)
    • Don't store failed SNMP community in the database
    • [#51] Support DBD::Pg default for "host" field as local socket (R. Kerr)
    • [#58] Search by VLAN name now works (R. Kerr)
    • Make "Not" option work for vlan number search in Device Ports
    • [#48] Fix for netmap links when domain_suffix is set (R. Kerr)
    • [#57] Port sort order for Extreme switches "1:10" format
    • [#65] Ignore smmp_ver in DB when reconnecting to a device.
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