Changes for version 2.024000

    • [#75] Device module inventory report / search
    • [#70] SSID Search (port)
    • [#72] Search on Vendor / OUI
    • Password Change form for all users
    • Kwalitee fixes
    • Change default number of pollers to 10
    • Default netmap depth set to 8
    • Add a "waiting" message to the netmap whilst the data loads
    • Add a spinner to all waiting messages
    • Try to make the Job Queue page a little faster
    • Require the Net::LDAP module for all installs
    • Move system information to the Netdisco "home" page
    • Show all subnets (scrollable), and sort, in sidebar Prefix search
    • Workaround for
    • Fix for crash when selecting Last Change column in device ports view
    • Fix IP Inventory Report to work without daterange
    • Fix "list IPs never seen" to work without daterange in IP Inventory Report
    • Correct "Archive" status of nodes in IP Inventory Report
    • Do not trigger userlog popups for all/walk jobs
    • No longer show warning notification when userlog retrieve fails
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