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  • Changes contributed by Adam Sjøgren
    • Wrap new method QueryParser::set_max_wildcard_expansion(). (ticket#350)


Base class for all exceptions in Search::Xapian


Perl XS frontend to the Xapian C++ search library.
AssertionError is thrown if a logical assertion inside Xapian fails.
BM25 Weighting scheme.
Boolean Weighting scheme.
Search database object
DatabaseCorruptError indicates database corruption was detected.
DatabaseCreateError indicates a failure to create a database.
DatabaseError indicates some sort of database related error.
DatabaseLockError indicates failure to lock a database.
DatabaseModifiedError indicates a database was modified.
DatabaseOpeningError indicates failure to open a database.
DatabaseVersionError indicates that a database is in an unsupported format.
Indicates an attempt to access a document not present in the database.
Document object
Make queries against a database
Base class for all exceptions in Search::Xapian
Indicates an attempt to use a feature which is unavailable.
InternalError indicates a runtime problem of some sort.
InvalidArgumentError indicates an invalid parameter value was passed to the API.
InvalidOperationError indicates the API was used in an invalid way.
The base class for exceptions indicating errors in the program logic.
allows sorting by a several values.
Indicates a problem communicating with a remote database.
Indicates a timeout expired while communicating with a remote database.
Iterate over sets of positions.
Iterate over the list of documents indexed by a term.
Parse a query string into a Search::Xapian::Query object
Indicates a query string can't be parsed.
RangeError indicates an attempt to access outside the bounds of a container.
The base class for exceptions indicating errors only detectable at runtime.
Indicates an error in the std::string serialisation of an object.
Snowball stemmer
Parses a piece of text and generates terms.
Iterate over sets of terms.
Traditional Probabilistic Weighting scheme.
UnimplementedError indicates an attempt to use an unimplemented feature.
Iterate over value slots in a document.
base class for Weighting schemes.
writable database object


in Xapian/ESet.pm
in Xapian/ESetIterator.pm
in Xapian/MSet.pm
in Xapian/MSet/Tied.pm
in Xapian/MSetIterator.pm
in Xapian/PerlStopper.pm
in Xapian/Query.pm
in Xapian/RSet.pm
in Xapian/SimpleStopper.pm
in Xapian/Stopper.pm