Changes for Sub::Genius

0.01         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:00 America/New_York
             - initial TRIAL release

0.02         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:01 America/New_York
             - updated old POD with intended POD

0.03         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:04 America/New_York
             - fixed minor attribution error in POD

0.04         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:04 America/New_York
             - added install of stubby using dzil's [ExecDir]
             - fixed minor attribution error in POD

0.05         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:05 America/New_York
             - cleaning up POD
             - fixed -TRIAL marker
             - distributing PRE debug too, "fash" from FLAT
             - added ./examples directory, 2 "japh" examples

0.06         2021-04-22 14:30:51-04:06 America/New_York
             - fixed fash POD
             - tweaked distro tarball

0.07         2021-04-25 14:30:51-04:07 America/New_York
             - 'pre' (FLAT term) is now called 'preplan', this makes it
                less implementation dependent
             - added PRE clensing:
             -   auto-bracketizes all 'words', makes it unnecessary to
                 to put space delimited symbols of any length in brackets
             -   accepts and strips comments and empty line

0.08         2021-04-25 14:30:51-05:08 America/New_York
             - cleaned up and reorganized documentation
             - Note: should have been released as a TRIAL

0.09         2021-04-25 14:30:51-05:09 America/New_York
             - added caching (on by default)
             - fixed bug in run_once that unnecessarily
             called ->next; now next() is only called if
             ->plan() is not defined
             - removed mindfa option; if this is desired
               ->dfa can be manipulated directly,
             - added static code gen to stubby
             - cleaned up stubby POD

0.10         2021-04-25 14:30:51-05:10 America/New_York
             - refactored stubby to be more easily extended
               with subcommands; added 'precache' for basically
               compiling PREs into DFAs ahead of their use; caching
               documentation was improved
             - continued refining POD, provided a POC for "lazy linearization",
               which is another potential approach to solving the fast
               growing complexity of converting PREs to DFAs
             - added some more tests 

0.11         2021-04-25 14:30:51-05:11 America/New_York
             - pinned to FLAT 1.0.4
             - mark end of "TRIAL" releases

0.12         2021-04-25 14:30:51-05:12 America/New_York
             - removed unneeded "use feature 'state'" in Sub/
             - fixed call to "perldoc" via `stubby help`
             - `stubby -x nodeps` now accepts the -f|--prefile option
             - `stubby -x nodeps` skips generating subs for words that look
             like external package calls (looks for '::'); warns
             - fixed `stubby precache` not accepting --prefile as expected

0.13         2021-06-07 14:30:51-05:12 America/New_York
             - added 'list' subcommand to stubby for enumerating all valid
               strings (serial execution plans) implied by the PRE
             - added 'export' subcommand to stubby, which allows one to export
               the minimized DFA implied by the PRE into GraphViz's "dot" format
               for rendering using GVs traditional utilities (dot, circo, etc) and
               other "dot" format explorers like "xdot"

0.13001      2021-06-07 14:30:51-05:12 America/New_York
             - cleaned up files in the cpan distro

0.314        2021-06-08 14:30:52-03:14 America/New_York
             - added 3 examples for computing pi using the integration formulation,
               which is ideal as an example for an unordered, "multithreaded"
             - bumped vers to pi/10 in honor of this milestone

0.314002     2021-06-18 14:30:52-03:14 America/New_York
             - documentation-only change
             - added a noteworthy addition to the POD, after finding Chapel's page
               describing its memory consistency model - worth the read!