package OPCUA::Open62541;

use 5.026001;
use strict;
use warnings;
require Exporter;
use parent 'Exporter';
use OPCUA::Open62541::Constant;

our $VERSION = '0.015';

our @EXPORT_OK = @OPCUA::Open62541::Constant::EXPORT_OK;
our %EXPORT_TAGS = %OPCUA::Open62541::Constant::EXPORT_TAGS;
$EXPORT_TAGS{all} = [@OPCUA::Open62541::Constant::EXPORT_OK];

require XSLoader;
XSLoader::load('OPCUA::Open62541', $VERSION);




=head1 NAME

OPCUA::Open62541 - Perl XS wrapper for open62541 OPC UA library


  use OPCUA::Open62541;

  my $server = OPCUA::Open62541::Server->new();

  my $client = OPCUA::Open62541::Client->new();


The open62541 is a library implementing an OPC UA client and server.
This module provides access to the C functionality from Perl programs.

=head2 EXPORT

Refer to OPCUA::Open62541::Constant module about the exported values.

=head2 METHODS

Refer to the open62541 documentation for the semantic of classes
and methods.

=head3 Variant

=over 4

=item $variant = OPCUA::Open62541::Variant->new()

=item $variant->isEmpty()

=item $variant->isScalar()

=item $variant->hasScalarType($data_type)

=item $variant->hasArrayType($data_type)

=item $variant->setScalar($p, $data_type)

=item $data_type = $variant->getType()

=item $p = $variant->getScalar()


=head3 Server

=over 4

=item $server = OPCUA::Open62541::Server->new()

=item $server = OPCUA::Open62541::Server->newWithConfig($server_config)

=item $server_config = $server->getConfig()

=item $status_code = $server->run($server, $running)

$running should be TRUE at statup.
When set to FALSE during method invocation, the server stops

=item $status_code = $server->run_startup($server)

=item $wait_ms = $server->run_iterate($server, $wait_internal)

=item $status_code = $server->run_shutdown($server)

=item $status_code = $server->readValue(\%nodeId, \$outValue)

=item $status_code = $server->writeValue(\%nodeId, $value)

=item \%browseResult = $server->browse($maxReferences, \%browseDescription)

=item $status_code = $server->addVariableNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%typeDefinition, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addVariableTypeNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%typeDefinition, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addObjectNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%typeDefinition, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addObjectTypeNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addViewNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addReferenceTypeNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->addDataTypeNode(\%requestedNewNodeId, \%parentNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, \%browseName, \%attr, $nodeContext, \%outNewNodeId)

=item $status_code = $server->deleteNode(\%nodeId, $deleteReferences)

=item $status_code = $server->addReference(\%sourceId, \%refTypeId, \%targetId, $isForward)

=item $status_code = $server->deleteReference(\%sourceNodeId, \%referenceTypeId, $isForward, \%targetNodeId, $deleteBidirectional)

=item $namespace_index = $server->addNamespace($namespace_name)


=head3 ServerConfig

=over 4

=item $status_code = $server_config->setDefault()

=item $status_code = $server_config->setMinimal($port, $certificate)

=item $server_config->setCustomHostname($custom_hostname)

=item $logger = $server_config->getLogger()

=item $buildinfo = $server_config->getBuildInfo()


=head3 Client

=over 4

=item $client = OPCUA::Open62541::Client->new()

=item $client_config = $client->getConfig()

=item $status_code = $client->connect($url)

=item $status_code = $client->connect_async($endpointUrl, $callback, $userdata)

=over 8

=item $callback = sub { my ($client, $userdata, $requestId, $status_code) = @_ }


There should be an interval of 100ms between the call to connect_async() and
run_iterate() or open62541 may try to operate on a non existent socket.

=item $status_code = $client->run_iterate($timeout)

=item $status_code = $client->disconnect()

=item $status_code = $client->disconnect_async(\$requestId)

=item $client_state = $client->getState()

=item $status_code = $client->sendAsyncBrowseRequest(\%request, \&callback, $data, \$reqId)

=over 8

=item $callback = sub { my ($client, $userdata, $requestId, \%response) = @_ }


=item $response = $client->Service_browse(\%request)

=item $status_code = $client->readDisplayNameAttribute(\%nodeId, \$outDisplayName)

=item $status_code = $client->readDescriptionAttribute(\%nodeId, \$outDescription)

=item $status_code = $client->readValueAttribute(\%nodeId, \$outValue)

=item $status_code = $client->readDataTypeAttribute(\%nodeId, \$outDataType)

=item $status_code = $client->readValueAttribute_async(\%nodeId, \&callback, $data, \$reqId)

=over 8

=item $callback = sub { my ($client, $userdata, $requestId, \%var) = @_ }



=head3 ClientConfig

=over 4

=item $status_code = $client_config->setDefault()

=item $logger = $client_config->getLogger()


=head3 Logger

The Logger uses the embedded logger of a client or server config.
The scope of the logger object may extend the lifetime of the client
or sever object.
It contains Perl callbacks to the log and clear functions.
The log functions are exported to Perl.

=over 4

=item $logger->setCallback($log, $context, $clear);

=over 8

=item $log = sub { my ($context, $level, $category, $message) = @_ }

=item $clear = sub { my ($context) = @_ }


=item $logger->logTrace($category, $msg, ...);

=item $logger->logDebug($category, $msg, ...);

=item $logger->logInfo($category, $msg, ...);

=item $logger->logWarning($category, $msg, ...);

=item $logger->logError($category, $msg, ...);

=item $logger->logFatal($category, $msg, ...);


=head1 SEE ALSO

OPC UA library, L<>

OPC Foundation, L<>


=head1 AUTHORS

Alexander Bluhm E<lt>bluhm@genua.deE<gt>,
Anton Borowka,
Arne Becker,
Marvin Knoblauch E<lt>mknob@genua.deE<gt>,

=head1 CAVEATS

This interface is far from complete.

The C types UA_Int64 and UA_UInt64 are implemented as Perl integers
IV and UV respectively.
This only works for Perl that is compiled on a 64 bit platform.
32 bit platforms are currently not supported.


Copyright (c) 2020 Alexander Bluhm

Copyright (c) 2020 Anton Borowka

Copyright (c) 2020 Arne Becker

Copyright (c) 2020 Marvin Knoblauch

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

Thanks to genua GmbH, for sponsoring this work.