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ORM - Object relational mapper for Perl.
ORM::Date - Date handler class.
ORM::Datetime - Date and time handler class.
ORM::Error - Error container class.
ORM::Tutorial - Guided tour to ORM module.
ORM::Auto - is module for auto create all nedded ORM classes for connected to database.
Array in lib/ORM/Meta/Array.pm UNAUTHORIZED
ORM in lib/ORM.pm
ORM::Base in lib/ORM/Base.pm
ORM::Broken in lib/ORM/Broken.pm
ORM::Cache in lib/ORM/Cache.pm
ORM::Const in lib/ORM/Const.pm
ORM::Date in lib/ORM/Date.pm
ORM::Date in lib/ORM/Meta/ORM/Date.pm
ORM::Datetime in lib/ORM/Datetime.pm
ORM::Datetime in lib/ORM/Meta/ORM/Datetime.pm
ORM::Db in lib/ORM/Db.pm
ORM::Db::DBI in lib/ORM/Db/DBI.pm
ORM::Db::DBI::MySQL in lib/ORM/Db/DBI/MySQL.pm
ORM::Db::DBI::MySQLemTa in lib/ORM/Db/DBI/MySQLemTa.pm
ORM::Db::DBI::PgSQL in lib/ORM/Db/DBI/PgSQL.pm
ORM::Db::DBI::SQLite in lib/ORM/Db/DBI/SQLite.pm
ORM::Db::DBIResultSet in lib/ORM/Db/DBIResultSet.pm
ORM::Db::DBIResultSetFull in lib/ORM/Db/DBIResultSetFull.pm
ORM::Db::Replicated in lib/ORM/Db/Replicated.pm
ORM::DbLog in lib/ORM/DbLog.pm
ORM::DbResultSet in lib/ORM/DbResultSet.pm
ORM::Error in lib/ORM/Error.pm
ORM::Expr in lib/ORM/Expr.pm
ORM::Filter in lib/ORM/Filter.pm
ORM::Filter::Case in lib/ORM/Filter/Case.pm
ORM::Filter::Cmp in lib/ORM/Filter/Cmp.pm
ORM::Filter::Func in lib/ORM/Filter/Func.pm
ORM::Filter::Group in lib/ORM/Filter/Group.pm
ORM::Filter::Interval in lib/ORM/Filter/Interval.pm
ORM::Ident in lib/ORM/Ident.pm
ORM::Meta::Array in lib/ORM/Meta/Array.pm
ORM::Meta::ORM::Date in lib/ORM/Meta/ORM/Date.pm
ORM::Meta::ORM::Datetime in lib/ORM/Meta/ORM/Datetime.pm
ORM::Meta::ORM::History in lib/ORM/Meta/ORM/History.pm
ORM::Metaprop in lib/ORM/Metaprop.pm
ORM::MetapropBuilder in lib/ORM/MetapropBuilder.pm
ORM::Order in lib/ORM/Order.pm
ORM::ResultSet in lib/ORM/ResultSet.pm
ORM::Stat in lib/ORM/Stat.pm
ORM::StatMetaprop in lib/ORM/StatMetaprop.pm
ORM::StatResultSet in lib/ORM/StatResultSet.pm
ORM::Ta in lib/ORM/Ta.pm
ORM::Tjoin in lib/ORM/Tjoin.pm
ORM::TjoinNull in lib/ORM/TjoinNull.pm
Changes for version 0.85
    • Fixed ORM::Expr->_not

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