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Wed Oct 25 03:51:29 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* up version to 0.4.3.

Wed Oct 25 03:46:54 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* server.c (call_implementation): Account for the
	fact that giop_send_reply_buffer_use() may return
	NULL if the connection to the client has already
	been closed.

	* ORBit/mapping.pod: Fix to be a proper manpage, if
	worse HTML.

Wed Oct 25 03:23:29 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* README MANIFEST ORBit/mapping.pod: Check in the
	mapping.pod document originally from CORBA::MICO
	with ORBit revisions from my web site.

	* ORBit.xs (CORBA): Apply patch from Paolo Molaro
	to fix memory leak of argv strings recognized
	by ORBit.

Tue Oct 10 15:09:13 2000    <>

	* ORBit.xs (MODULE): Fix typo reported davide.rossetti.

Tue Jul 11 14:38:24 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* demarshal.c (get_sequence): Fix problem with the
	length of sequences of octets and chars. (Bug
	found by Guillaume Schmid.)

Sat Jul  8 15:04:22 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* README: Up version to 0.4.2

	* idl.c (tree_post_func, do_type_dcl): Register typecodes
	for all named types, not just named types that happen
	to be referenced elsewhere.

	* idl.c (porbit_parse_idl_file): Remvoing -D__ORBIT_IDL__
	since with it, the GNOME IDL files break badly
	by using #pragma inhibit push to avoid compiling bits
	that are predefined in C libraries.

	* idl.c (porbit_parse_idl_file): Enable codefrag
	syntax, since GNORBA uses it.

	* interfaces.c (load_ancestor): call ensure_iface_repository,
	before trying to access iface repository. Also, try
	to produce a bit more graceful warnings and death
	when things aren't found.

Sat May  6 11:55:31 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* README: Released 0.4.1

Sun Apr 16 14:58:20 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* ORBit.xs (CORBA): Copy strings from argv array when 
	passing to ORBit for initialization. (The code to
	recreate the array afterwords was reading uninitalized

Thu Apr 13 11:52:24 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* TODO: Add note about a test suite.

Thu Apr 13 11:48:24 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* README (CORBA): Updated test output to correspond to current
	client/server pair.

Sat Mar 25 14:47:54 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* Released 0.4.0

Fri Mar 24 12:41:54 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* errors.c (porbit_system_except): Deal with the fact
	that ORBit uses IDL:CORBA in its system exception names instead

	* demarshal.c (porbit_get_exception): Hack around incorrect
	marshalling of system exceptions by ORBit.

	* marshal.c (put_objref): Check outgoing object references
	against the typecode. There are some problems here if
	the object we are marshalling is not a local object and
	we don't have compete type information. Perhaps this
	check should only be for local object references?

	* server.c: Add more detailed information in warning
	messages about the location where errors occur.

Wed Mar 22 15:44:51 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

        * Released 0.3.9
	* Temporarily disable dereferencing 
	ORB, POA, POAManager, since ORBit is broken when 
	doing so.

	* server client: Add test for creating and destroying servants
	on the fly.

	* ORBit.xs server.[ch]: Remove pin table, which was
	no longer used for useful purposes. (We were already
	storing the information in the servant.) Implicitely
	reference active servants so it isn't necessary for
	for applications to keep references to such servants

Tue Mar 14 11:16:35 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* idl.c (porbit_parse_idl_file): Define __ORBIT_IDL__
	when parsing, to allow people to #define around 
	libIDL pecularities in IDL files. (Michael Meeks)

	* idl.c (do_operation): Advance properly to the next
	exception when iterating over exceptions. (Pointed
	out by Jason Tackaberry.)

Sun Jan  2 19:52:13 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* Released 0.3.0

	* Account.idl: Fix stupid left-in debugging change.

	* README (CORBA): Up version number. Add more information
	about ORBit dependencies.

Tue Jan  4 03:19:59 2000  Owen Taylor  <>

	* demarshal.c (porbit_get_exception): Fix bug in
	demarshalling system exceptions.

	* server.c (porbit_call_method): Fix leak of stack space
	for operations returning void.

	* server.c (call_implementation): Add a SAVETMPS/FREETMPS
	around method calls, otherwise we leak like a sieve.
	(Could also avoid mortalizing outside of our method calls,
	I think.)

	* (import): Handle absolute pathnames correctly.

Tue Dec  7 13:56:33 1999  Owen Taylor  <>

	* idl.c (porbit_parse_idl_file): Add the IDLF_TYPECODES
	flag so that typecodes are understood.
	(From Michael Meeks <>)

Fri Oct  8 01:08:26 1999  Owen Taylor  <>

	* Released 0.2.0.

	* porbit-perl.h (PL_sv_undef): Add additional compatibility

Mon Sep 27 23:31:41 1999  Owen Taylor  <>

	* ORBit.xs: Made orb->run()/shutdown(), etc, use

	* idl.c marshal.c demarshal.c: Add support for fixed.

Tue Sep 21 22:53:40 1999  Owen Taylor  <>

	* idl.c: Add names into struct/enum/except/etc. typecodes
	because the marshalling code in ORBit expects them
	(spec says that "" would be valid, so we could use
	that, but NULL segfaults).

	* marshal.c demarshal.c Add support for Anys.

	* ORBit.xs interfaces.c: Provide an interface for
	creating TypeCodes.

	* client.c: Split stubs into a separate file.
	* interfaces.c server.c: Add support for oneway

Sun Sep 19 04:24:13 1999  Owen Taylor  <>

	* Started ChangeLog in preparation for a 0.1.0 release.