Revision history for Perl extension HTML::TokeParser::Simple.

3.16  2013-06-26
      Fix POD errors and move POD tests to XT directory.
      Fix spelling errors.

3.15  2005-11-29
      Fixed bug where rewrite_tag would unescape entities.  Thanks to "Paul
      Bijnens" <> for the bug report and fix.

3.14  2005-10-08
      Added POD tests
      Converted to Module::Build
      All classes now state which methods they override
      Carp is now only loaded on demand
      peek() now allows you to peek at the next tokens

3.13  Sat Set 25, 2004
      Corrected @INC paths in the tests.
      Fixed still more embarrassing POD issues.

3.12  Mon Sep 20, 2004
      Corrected minor, but embarrassing, POD issue.

3.11  Sun Sep 19, 2004
      Broke start and end tags out into their own classes.  D'oh!

3.1   Sun Sep 19, 2004
      Added subclasses for each token type.

      Massive POD update.

      Test class for internals.

3.0   Sat Sep 18, 2004
      'get_foo' methods replace the older 'return_foo' methods.  'return_foo'
      methods now call the new 'get_foo' methods and are deprecated (though
      they do not yet issue warnings.)

      The constructor has been overloaded to allow users to explicitly state
      the source type of the HTML, if necessary.  Also, if LWP::Simple is
      installed, the HTML may now be fetched from a URL.

      $token->set_attr($token->return_attr) now works.

      Added is_pi().  A shorthand for is_process_instruction().

      Broke out HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token into its own file.  I may
      eventually refactor this into separate classes.

2.2   Sat Jan 31, 2004
      'return_attr' now takes and optional argument.  If supplied, will return
      just that attribute value.
      Updated POD.

2.1   Mon Jun 9, 2003
      Made 'rewrite_tag' a public method.  

      Fixed some formatting.  

      Fixed bug where get_attrseq returned a hashref instead of an arrayref
      upon failure.
      Updated POD.
      Broke all HTML munging tests out into their own test and added some tests

2.0   Sun Jun 1, 2003
      is_tag, is_start_tag, and is_end_tag now can take regexes.
      Added set_attr and delete_attr methods to rewrite tags on the fly
      Converted to Test::More and doubled the number of tests
      Updated POD
      Updated Makefile.PL to list Test::More as a requirement
      Deprecated 'return_text' now carps

1.4   Wed Nov 13, 2002
      Tokens are now blessed into a separate class to prevent people from
      trying to call parser methods on them.  return_text() has been deprecated 
      in favor of as_is().  Tests and POD updated.

      Updated Makefile.PL to list HTML::TokeParser as a requirement (whoops!)

1.3   Fri July 5 13:11:00 2002
      Added is_tag() method and made the leading slash on an end tag optional.
      Updated the POD and and tests.

1.2   Fri Jun 21 08:05:00 2002
      Turns out the the POD had more errors than I though.  There
      are no changes in the code or the tests, but the POD has been

1.1   Fri Mar  1 15:52:00 2002
      Finally got off my duff and added support for the get_tag()
      method.  Also overloaded the is_/(start|end)/_tag methods
      to allow testing for the tag and tag type at the same time.

0.01  Mon Feb  4 09:31:52 2002
      - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
      -AX -n HTML::TokeParser::Simple