Changes for version 0.01 - 2022-05-24

  • Reorganize docs to provide links to a manual
  • Make cloning much more flexible (thanks to Leon Timmermans for pointing out that my previous approach wasn't enough).
  • Start adding exceptions
  • Throw exceptions if attribute names or shortcut names are invalid
  • Support v5.20.0
  • Add github actions
  • Add postderef support
  • Trial support for `clone => 1`
  • Roles will now warn if a class overrides a role method without excluding it (in Moose, the class silently ignores the role method)
  • Add shortcuts for writer, clearer, builder, predicate
  • Role support added
  • make_immutable is now the default (thanks, haarg)
  • no need to add a true value to the end of your module (thanks, haarg)
  • Clean up and test mro setting (thanks, haarg!)
  • use MooseX::HasDefaults::RO to allow the RO default
  • Start building out a TODO wishlist in the POD
  • Add [CPANFile] Dist::Zilla plugin (thanks, Happy Barney)
  • First pass at experimental Moose version


An overview of MooseX::Extended optional attribute cloning
Objected construction for MooseX::Extended
Shortcuts to make your Moose easier to write


Exceptions for invalid attribute definitions.
Extend Moose with safe defaults and useful features
Internal module for MooseX::Extended
MooseX::Extended roles
Keep our type tools orgnanized