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Chris Winters
OpenInteract - A robust web application framework built to run under Apache and mod_perl
oi_manage - Manage OpenInteract websites and packages
conf/sample-package.pod - This package will do everything!
OpenInteract - mod_perl handler to process all OpenInteract requests
OpenInteract::ApacheStartup - Central module to call for initializing an OpenInteract website
OpenInteract::Auth - Authenticate the user object and create its groups
OpenInteract::Cache - Caches objects to avoid database hits and content to avoid template processing
OpenInteract::Cache::File - Implement caching in the filesystem
OpenInteract::CommonHandler - Base class that with a few configuration items takes care of many common operations
OpenInteract::Component - Central calling/caching module for components
OpenInteract::Config - centralized configuration information
OpenInteract::Config::GlobalOverride - Process global override settings for a set of configuration directives
OpenInteract::Config::Ini - Read/write INI-style (++) configuration files
OpenInteract::Config::PerlFile - Read/write information from/to a perl file
OpenInteract::Cookies::Apache - handler to parse/output cookies from/to the client using Apache::Cookie
OpenInteract::Cookies::CGI - handler to parse/output cookies from/to the client using CGI::Cookie
OpenInteract::DBI - Centralized connection location to DBI databases
OpenInteract::Error - Provide central holding location for Interact errors
OpenInteract::Error::Main - Catches all errors and dispatches to proper handler
OpenInteract::Error::System - Catalog of system error handlers
OpenInteract::Handler::GenericDispatcher - Define task-dispatching, security-checking and other routines for Handlers to use
OpenInteract::LDAP - Centralized connection location to LDAP directories
OpenInteract::Package - Perform actions on individual packages
OpenInteract::PackageRepository - Operations to represent, install, remove and otherwise manipulate package repositories.
OpenInteract::Request - container for request info and output
OpenInteract::SPOPS - Define common behaviors for all SPOPS objects in the OpenInteract Framework
OpenInteract::SPOPS::DBI - Common SPOPS::DBI-specific methods for objects
OpenInteract::SPOPS::LDAP - Common SPOPS::LDAP-specific methods for objects
OpenInteract::SQLInstall - Dispatcher for installing various SQL data from packages to database
OpenInteract::SampleStash - Default stash class and an example of what one looks like
OpenInteract::Session - Implement session handling in the framework
OpenInteract::Session::DBI - Create sessions within a DBI data source
OpenInteract::Session::File - Create sessions within a filesystem
OpenInteract::Session::SQLite - Create sessions within a SQLite data source
OpenInteract::Startup - Bootstrapper that reads in modules and initializes the environment
OpenInteract::Template::Context - Provide a custom context for templates in OpenInteract
OpenInteract::Template::Plugin - Custom OpenInteract functionality in templates
OpenInteract::Template::Process - Process OpenInteract templates
OpenInteract::Template::Provider - Retrieve templates for the Template Toolkit
OpenInteract::UI::Main - The primary user interface assembly 'conductor'
OpenInteract::Utility - Package of routines that do not really fit anywhere else
OpenInteract::Config::IniFile in OpenInteract/Config/IniFile.pm
Changes for version 1.62
    • Individual:
  • OpenInteract.pm:
    • OI-6: Fix bug when specifying static files to send my filename
    • (vs filehandle). Thanks to Andreas Nolte for reporting.
    • No packages changed.

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