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Yichun Zhang (章亦春)
OpenResty::CheatSheet - Cheat sheet for OpenResty
OpenResty::Spec::AccountAdmin - OpenResty Account Admininstration
OpenResty::Spec::Arch_cn - OpenSearch 体系结构白皮书(草案)
OpenResty::Spec::Captcha_cn - Captcha 图片生成和验证
OpenResty::Spec::Install - Installation instructions for OpenResty servers
OpenResty::Spec::Install::Apache - Configuring OpenResty.pm with Apache2 + mod_fcgid
OpenResty::Spec::Install::Binary_cn - Install binary distributions of OpenResty
OpenResty::Spec::Install::Lighttpd - Configuring OpenResty.pm with Lighttpd + mod_fastcgi
OpenResty::Spec::MetaModel - Metamodel for OpenResty backends
OpenResty::Spec::Overview - Overview of the OpenResty service platform
OpenResty::Spec::REST - OpenResty REST Service Specification [draft]
OpenResty::Spec::REST_cn - OpenResty REST 协议白皮书(草案)
OpenResty::Spec::RunTestsOnWin32_cn - Running the OpenResty test suite on Win32
OpenResty::Spec::TestSuite - Introduction to the OpenResty test suite
OpenResty::Spec::Upgrading - Upgrading to new versions of OpenResty server
OpenResty::Tutorial::GettingStarted::Perl - Zero to OpenResty for Perl programmers
OpenResty::Tutorial::GettingStarted_cn - 中文版快速入门教程
openresty - Command-line frontend utility for the OpenResty server
OpenResty - General-purpose web service platform for web applications
OpenResty::Backend - class factory for OpenResty backend classes
OpenResty::Backend::Base - Base class for OpenResty backend classes
OpenResty::Backend::Empty - OpenResty backend for the PostgreSQL PL/Proxy-based cluster databases
OpenResty::Backend::PLPerl - Pg backend for OpenResty running via PL/Perl
OpenResty::Backend::Pg - OpenResty backend for PostgreSQL standalone databases
OpenResty::Backend::PgFarm - OpenResty backend for the PostgreSQL PL/Proxy-based cluster databases
OpenResty::Backend::PgMocked - A mocked-up OpenResty backend for the Pg backend
OpenResty::Backend::Prophet - OpenResty backend for Prophet databases
OpenResty::Cache - Cache for OpenResty
OpenResty::Config - Configure file reader for OpenResty
OpenResty::Dispatcher - The main dispatcher for the OpenResty server
OpenResty::Handler::Action - The action handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Captcha - The captcha handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::CompiledView - Handler for pre-compiled views
OpenResty::Handler::Feed - The feed handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Login - The login handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Model - The model handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::ProphetModel - The model handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Role - The role handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Shell - Example Shell API for OpenResty custom handlers
OpenResty::Handler::Unsafe - The "unsafe" handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::Version - The version handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Handler::View - The view handler for OpenResty
OpenResty::Inlined - OpenResty app class for inlined REST requrests
OpenResty::Limits - Various contraints used in the OpenResty server
OpenResty::RestyScript - Perl wrapper for the restyscript compiler via IPC
OpenResty::RestyScript::View - RestyScript (for Views) compiler in pure Perl
OpenResty::SQL::Insert - SQL generator for insert statements
OpenResty::SQL::Select - SQL generator for select statements
OpenResty::SQL::Statement - Base class for the various SQL generator classes
OpenResty::SQL::Update - SQL generator for update statements
OpenResty::Server - Standalone server based on HTTP::Server::Simple for OpenResty
OpenResty::Util - Utility functions for OpenResty
OpenResty::FastCGI in lib/OpenResty/FastCGI.pm
OpenResty::FeedWriter::RSS in lib/OpenResty/FeedWriter/RSS.pm
OpenResty::Handler::Base in lib/OpenResty/Handler/Base.pm
OpenResty::Handler::CompiledAction in lib/OpenResty/Handler/CompiledAction.pm
OpenResty::Handler::LastResponse in lib/OpenResty/Handler/LastResponse.pm
OpenResty::Handler::Logout in lib/OpenResty/Handler/Logout.pm
OpenResty::QuasiQuote::SQL in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/SQL.pm
OpenResty::QuasiQuote::Validator in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/Validator.pm
OpenResty::QuasiQuote::Validator::Compiler in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/Validator/Compiler.pm
OpenResty::RestyScript::ViewUpgrade in lib/OpenResty/RestyScript/ViewUpgrade.pm
OpenResty::Script::Compile in lib/OpenResty/Script/Compile.pm
OpenResty::Script::Upgrade in lib/OpenResty/Script/Upgrade.pm
OpenResty::Shell in lib/OpenResty/Shell.pm
OpenResty::Shell::History in lib/OpenResty/Shell/History.pm
Parse::RecDescent::OpenResty::QuasiQuote::Validator::Compiler in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/Validator/Compiler.pm
WWW::OpenResty::Embedded in lib/WWW/OpenResty/Embedded.pm
Changes for version 0.5.12
    • removed purge from openresyt.js since it is obsolete and useless.
    • applied the patch from kindy++ for removing the dojo dependency from openresty.js.
    • no global deflate filter in the apache config because it may cause problems.
    • applied the POD patch from Frank Wiegand.

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