Changes for version 1.70

  • various fixes and improvements in the documentation
  • added (convenient yet non-standard) methods nonBlankChildNodes, firstNonBlankChild, nextNonBlankSibling, prevNonBlankSibling that skip empty or whitespace-only Text and CDATA nodes
  • exposed and documented external entity handler
  • XPathContext can now be passed to toStringC14N and toStringEC14N (e.g. to provide NS mapping for the XPath expression)
  • avoid using libxml2's globals (Nick Wellnhofer)
  • added interface to libxml2's regexp implementation: XML::LibXML::RegExp
  • added XML::LibXML->load_xml and XML::LibXML->load_html with uniform and cleaner API than the old parse_* family
  • cleanup code dealing with parsing flags
  • fix bogus validation results if revalidating a modified document
  • added 'eq' and 'cmp' overloading on XML::LibXML::Error and set fallback to 1
  • lots of bugs fixed

Changes for version 1.69_2

  • provide context and more accurate column number in structured errors
  • clarify license and copyright
  • support for Win32+mingw+ActiveState

Changes for version 1.69_1

  • merge with XML::LibXML::Common
  • fix compilation on Windows with mingw or msvc
  • fix a bug in structured errors preventing the previous errors from being reported
  • fix compilation bugs
  • fix encoding problem in reader
  • added getAttributeHash to the reader interface
  • fix segfaults: reconcileNs in domReplaceChild, findnodes with a doc fragment (S. Rezic)


XML::LibXML Attribute Class
XML::LibXML Class for CDATA Sections
XML::LibXML Comment Class
XML::LibXML DOM Implementation
XML::LibXML DOM Document Class
XML::LibXML's DOM L2 Document Fragment Implementation
XML::LibXML DTD Handling
XML::LibXML Class for Element Nodes
XML::LibXML Class for Input Callbacks
XML::LibXML Namespace Implementation
Abstract Base Class of XML::LibXML Nodes
XML::LibXML Processing Instructions
Parsing XML Data with XML::LibXML
XML::LibXML::Pattern - interface to libxml2 XPath patterns
XML::LibXML::RegExp - interface to libxml2 regular expressions
RelaxNG Schema Validation
XML Schema Validation
XML::LibXML Class for Text Nodes
XML::LibXML::XPathExpression - interface to libxml2 pre-compiled XPath expressions


Perl Binding for libxml2
Boolean true/false values
Constants and Character Encoding Routines
Structured Errors This module is based on xmlerror.h libxml2 C header file. It defines symbolic constants for all libxml2 error codes. Currently libxml2 uses over 480 different error codes. See also XML::LibXML::Error.
Structured Errors
Simple string values.
a list of XML document nodes
Simple numeric values.
XML::LibXML::Reader - interface to libxml2 pull parser
XML::LibXML direct SAX parser
Building DOM trees from SAX events.
Generate SAX events from a LibXML tree
XPath Evaluation


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in lib/XML/LibXML/SAX/