$Id: Changes,v 1.14 2003/11/10 10:10:25 m_ilya Exp $

Revision history for Perl module XML::LibXML::XPathContext.

0.06 Mon Nov 10 2003

* simplified variable lookup code to use a C structure instead of
  a perl AV*

* made XPathContext reentrant (by saving the state before
  a callback and restoring it afterwards).

* added get/setContextSize, get/setContextPosition

* added getVarLookupFunc

* added some tests and documentation for the new features

* applied last LibXML patch for perl-libxml-mm.c

0.05 Mon Sep 22 2003

* lookupNs() method added

0.04 Wed May 21 2003

* Fixed Mac OS X compatibility problems.  Now this module should work
on this platform.

* Fixed a bug which caused a segfault.  Thanks to Steve Hay for the
bug report.

0.03 Thu May  1 2003

* Added optional $context_node argument to findnodes(), find(), and
findvalue() to simplify temporarily setting the context node.

* Fixed bugs in new(), setContextNode(), and register* causing loosing
stored context data passed from a variable if the variable itself gets

0.02 Fri Apr  4 2003

* Added missing include xpathInternals.h what fixes problems with
float numbers used in xpath expressions on platforms where PV is not
defined as double.

* XML::LibXML::XPathContext objects can be created without specifying
a current node now. I.e. new()'s parameter $node is optional now.

0.01 Thu Mar 27 2003

* First version based on XML::LibXML and XML::XSLT code.