Revision history for Perl extension Email::Address::XS.

1.05  Sun Aug 07 15:21:35 2022
	- update dovecot parser from dovecot version 2.3.14
	- mark the last parsed object as invalid if input string contains trailing garbage

1.04  Sat Jun 09 18:20:28 2018
	- fix docevot parser to disallow leading dot in dot-atom
	- fix generating and validating email addresses with empty user part
	- fix generating email address with leading or trailing dot in user part
	- try to parse invalid email addresses and mark them as invalid
	- when generating address do not escape an apostrophe character
	- fix formatting email addresses which contain nul bytes, TAB, LF or CR
	- fix formatting comments which contain nul bytes

1.03  Thu Mar 15 21:55:30 2018
	- update dovecot parser from dovecot version
	- fix reading from uninitialized memory when formatting invalid address without user or host part
	- fix formatting email address which user part starts with null byte
	- do not generate invalid email addresses by format functions, rather return empty string

1.02  Sat Feb 03 13:41:38 2018
	- add support for parsing and generating addresses with nul character
	- fix function compose_address when both user and host contains non-ASCII 8bit characters
	- fix possible memory leak in dovecot parser

1.01  Wed Oct 18 18:19:26 2017
	- add new exportable functions: compose_address split_address
	- add new class methods: parse_bare_address
	- add new object methods: is_valid original as_string
	- show warnings when strings contain nul characters
	- update dovecot parser from dovecot version 2.2.31
	- fix memory leak
	- fix documentation
	- improve warning messages

1.00  Sat Feb 18 15:23:30 2017
	- first public release

0.01  Tue Aug 25 18:41:43 2015
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		--compat-version 5.6.2 --skip-ppport --omit-autoload --name Email::Address::XS