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Changes for version 1.010

  • Fix #101800 "[PATCH] Reinstate files to inc dir if deleted by external process" Periodic temp directory cleaning programs (eg. "tmpwatch") may remove some (older) files from $PAR_TEMP/inc, but keep others. This causes the packed program to fail.
    • When extracting a .par file to $PAR_TEMP/inc do NOT restore the original modified timestamps of the file (so that the extracted files have the time of extraction as their modified time).
    • Add a "canary" file in $PAR_TEMP and back-date it 1 day. Hence any process removing files in $PAR_TEMP based on timestamps should remove the "canary" before others.
    • If the canary file is missing, extract the .par to $PAR_TEMP/inc as previously was done only when $PAR_TEMP/inc was missing.
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