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Neil Bowers
PAUSE::Packages - interface to PAUSE's packages file (02packages.details.txt)
PAUSE::Packages::Module in lib/PAUSE/Packages/Module.pm
PAUSE::Packages::Release in lib/PAUSE/Packages/Release.pm
PAUSE::Packages::ReleaseIterator in lib/PAUSE/Packages/ReleaseIterator.pm
Changes for version 0.10
    • Updated documentation to describe that you can pass the path attribute to the constructor. RT#93965.
    • Noted that the 'path' attribute will split into two in a future release, so the cache path and the path to a local copy are separate things, as they should be.
    • Dropped use of [MungeFile::WithData] to set package name in PAUSE/Packages.pm -- the '{{ $dist->name }}' resulted in broken cache filename when testing from the dev directory. I'm sure there's a better way to fix this, but this is easiest for now.
    • Added [Git::Tag] and [Git::Push] to dist.ini

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