Revision history for Perl extension Text::Convert::PETSCII.

0.05  2013-03-08
    - skipped UTF-8 validation unit-tests for Perl 5.6.2, because regular
      expression engine in this version of Perl does not support matching
      of individual UTF-8 characters, treating them as an encoded sequence
      of bytes instead

0.04  2013-02-24
    - added new methods to validate if given text may be considered a valid
      PETSCII string and testing whether given PETSCII string can be printed
    - added two new conversion subroutines: "screen_codes_to_petscii" and
      "petscii_to_screen_codes", which can be used to convert text strings
      between PETSCII character set and CBM screen codes

0.03  2013-02-17
    - reverted previous patch and fixed failing unit-tests for Perl 5.6.2 by
      switching IO::Capture to Capture::Tiny which is able to correctly capture
      the contents written into standard output and standard error filehandles

0.02  2013-02-16
    - added minimum required version of Perl 5.8.0 for this distribution due to
      failing unit-tests for Perl 5.6.2 which is unaware of the SIGALRM signal,
      and thus unable to correctly capture STDERR output

0.01  2011-04-22
    - initial version (provides subroutines to convert text format between ASCII
      and PETSCII character sets, and writing PETSCII character's textual
      representation to a file handle)