Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 2.0

  • work around some bugs in DBD drivers (SQLite...) instead of crashing.
  • use SvOKp to decide whether we should upgrade to utf-8.
  • since DBD::mysql keeps changing their number detection code and therefore keeps corrupting our data, call bind_param with "correctly" deduced types on first first execution of an sql statement.
  • cache prepare and all statement methods per stash, to avoid having to look up multiple methods per execution.
  • use a default lru cache size of 100 instead of 50.
  • switch to FNV-1a hash and actually _do_ hash more than the first character of the sql statement.
  • check the length of the sql string when deciding whether it is too long for caching, do not use the size of the allocated memory area, which is less useful.
  • use less mind-boggling but safer method to pass return values to perl.
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  • PApp::SQL - absolutely easy yet fast and powerful sql access.