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Jason Galea
PDF::Boxer - Create PDFs from a simple box markup language.
PDF::Boxer::Content::Column - a box of boxes stack one above the other
PDF::Boxer::Content::Grid - a box of rows with column widths aligned
PDF::Boxer::Content::Image - a box that displays an image
PDF::Boxer::Content::Row - a box of boxes laid out side by side
PDF::Boxer::Content::Text - a box that displays text
PDF::Boxer::Doc - Hold PDF::API2 stuff
PDF::Boxer::Role::BoxDev - methods to aid development
PDF::Boxer::Role::SizePosition - size and position stuff
PDF::Boxer::Role::Text - methods & attributes for text boxes
PDF::Boxer::SpecParser - Convert markup to Perl data
Changes for version 0.004
    • added hborder & vborder attributes to grid (SatoshiSasaki++)

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