# GENERATED WITH PDLA::PP! Don't modify!
package PDLA::Graphics::OpenGLQ;

@EXPORT_OK  = qw( PDLA::PP line_3x_3c PDLA::PP gl_points PDLA::PP gl_lines PDLA::PP gl_line_strip PDLA::PP gl_texts PDLA::PP gl_triangles_mat PDLA::PP gl_triangles_n_mat PDLA::PP gl_triangles_wn_mat PDLA::PP gl_triangles PDLA::PP gl_triangles_n PDLA::PP gl_triangles_wn PDLA::PP gl_arrows );

use PDLA::Core;
use PDLA::Exporter;
use DynaLoader;

   @ISA    = ( 'PDLA::Exporter','DynaLoader' );
   push @PDLA::Core::PP, __PACKAGE__;
   bootstrap PDLA::Graphics::OpenGLQ ;

=head1 NAME

PDLA::Graphics::OpenGLQ - quick routines to plot lots of stuff from piddles.


only for internal use - see source


only for internal use - see source

=head1 AUTHOR

Copyright (C) 1997,1998 Tuomas J. Lukka.  
All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed
to redistribute this software / documentation under certain
conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDLA 
distribution. If this file is separated from the PDLA distribution, 
the copyright notice should be included in the file.


*line_3x_3c = \&PDLA::line_3x_3c;

*gl_points = \&PDLA::gl_points;

*gl_lines = \&PDLA::gl_lines;

*gl_line_strip = \&PDLA::gl_line_strip;

*gl_texts = \&PDLA::gl_texts;

*gl_triangles_mat = \&PDLA::gl_triangles_mat;

*gl_triangles_n_mat = \&PDLA::gl_triangles_n_mat;

*gl_triangles_wn_mat = \&PDLA::gl_triangles_wn_mat;

*gl_triangles = \&PDLA::gl_triangles;

*gl_triangles_n = \&PDLA::gl_triangles_n;

*gl_triangles_wn = \&PDLA::gl_triangles_wn;

*gl_arrows = \&PDLA::gl_arrows;


# Exit with OK status