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Chris Prather
Crixa::Engine in lib/Crixa/Engine.pm
Crixa::Engine::API in lib/Crixa/Engine/API.pm
Crixa::Engine::RabbitMQ in lib/Crixa/Engine/RabbitMQ.pm
Changes for version 0.04
  • Chris Prather <chris@prather.org>
    • fix a typo that Pod::Coverage caught just before release!
    • add docs and an IO-Async example
    • remove the channel calls we do not need anymore
    • break out fetching the message from the queue apeiron didn't like the pure callback method, and there is no reason why we should force it ... it's simple enough to break out the wait_for_message and the check_for_message into seperate methods so people can have access to every level that they want
    • add exchange() method to Crixa.pm that allows us to hide the channel enitrely if we want
    • default queue bindings to an empty arrayref
    • move fix a missing reference maker
    • add the `$channel->ack()` to the callback.

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