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Chris Prather
XML::Filter::Distributor - Multipass processing of documents
XML::Filter::DocSplitter - Multipass processing of documents
XML::Filter::Merger - Assemble multiple SAX streams in to one document
XML::Filter::Tee - Send SAX events to multiple processor, with switching
XML::SAX::ByRecord - Record oriented processing of (data) documents
XML::SAX::EventMethodMaker - SAX event names, creation of methods from templates
XML::SAX::Machine - Manage a collection of SAX processors
XML::SAX::Machines - manage collections of SAX processors
XML::SAX::Machines::ConfigHelper - rarely needed config routines.
XML::SAX::Manifold - Multipass processing of documents
XML::SAX::Pipeline - Manage a linear pipeline of SAX processors
XML::SAX::Tap - Tap a pipeline of SAX processors
XML::SAX::Machine::Part in lib/XML/SAX/Machine.pm
XML::SAX::Machines::ConfigDefaults in lib/XML/SAX/Machines/ConfigDefaults.pm
XML::SAX::Machines::SiteConfig in lib/XML/SAX/Machines/ConfigHelper.pm
Changes for version 0.42
    • remove psudo hashes (RT #1523)
    • Update packaging to use Module::Install

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