Changes for version 0.047 - 2022-12-01

  • [cli csv-add-field] Rename to csv-add-fields, now can add multiple fields, -e is now optional, also add -H.
  • [bugfix] [cli csv-sort, csv-sort-rows] output_filename was not passed to csvutil() (RT#145267).
  • [bugfix] [cli csv-setop] Fix argument parsing (output_filename clashes with filename) (RT#145275).
  • [doc] Tweak Abtract for csv-setop to make it a bit more discoverable.


App::CSVUtils cookbook
App::CSVUtils tips/tricks
Add one or more fields to CSV file
Output a summary row which are arithmetic averages of data rows
Concatenate several CSV files together, collecting all the fields
Return a hash of field names as keys and first row as values
Convert CSV to CSV
Delete one or more fields from CSV file
Dump CSV as data structure (array of array/hash)
Run Perl code for every row
Substitute template values in a text file with fields from CSV rows
Output a frequency table of values of a specified field in CSV
Get one or more cells from CSV
Only output row(s) where Perl expression returns true
Show information about CSV file (number of rows, fields, etc)
List field names of CSV file
Fill fields of a CSV file from another
Return result of Perl code for every row
Munge a field in every row of CSV file with Perl code
Munge each data arow of CSV file with Perl code
Replace newlines in CSV values
Only output selected field(s)
Only output specified row(s)
Set operation (union/unique concatenation of rows, intersection/common rows, difference of rows) against several CSV files
Sort CSV rows
Sort CSV fields
Sort CSV rows
Split CSV file into several files
Output a summary row which are arithmetic sums of data rows
Transpose a CSV
Convert CSV to CSV
Convert CSV to LTSV
Return an enveloped aoaos table data from CSV data
Convert CSV to TSV
Create a VCF from selected fields of the CSV
Dump CSV as data structure (array of array/hash)
Convert TSV to CSV


CLI utilities related to CSV