Changes for version 0.006 - 2021-10-12

  • cli downsize-image
    • Add option --delete-original.
    • [ux] Return 500 if all files failed.


Given size of an image (in WxH, e.g. "2592x1944") and ImageMagick-like resize instruction (e.g. "1024p>"), calculate new resized image
Convert images using ImageMagick's 'convert' utility, with multiple file support and automatic output naming
Convert images to PDF using ImageMagick's 'convert' utility
Reduce image size, by default via compressing to JPEG quality 40 and downsizing to 1024p
Translate ImageMagick-like resize notation (e.g. "720^>") to human-friendly text (e.g. "shrink shortest side to 720px")


Utilities related to ImageMagick