Changes for version 1.912 - 2021-12-01

  • Observe argument specification's attribute: x.perinci.cmdline.default_from_schema. Setting this to true lets an argument get default value from schema even if the argument is not specified.
  • [dist] Add dzil plugin and weaver plugin Perinci::CmdLine.
  • internal
    • Make log more concise by collapsing more request keys.
    • Always use Moo, no longer use Mo. We need BUILDARGS.
  • reorganization, plugins
    • Move run as plugin event 'run'.
    • Move plugins attribute to Base.
    • Reorganize plugin subnamespace: use per-topic subnamespace, since we will be anticipating many more plugins.
    • Simplify things by always providing -orig_ARGNAME arguments.


Base class for Perinci::CmdLine{::Classic,::Lite}
A Rinci/Riap-based command-line application framework
Dump command-line arguments ($r->{args}), by default after argument validation
Dump request stash ($r), by default after action
Dump result ($r->{res}), by default after action
Prevent the loading (activation) of other plugins
Base class for Perinci::CmdLine plugin