Changes for version 0.012 - 2023-04-22

  • Add option -debug.
  • [bugfix] -end was not functioning as advertised.
  • Add hook: source::test::str.
  • [doc] Document import options.
  • [doc] Tweak Synopsis to make example clearer.
  • [internal] Always use our own version of blessed(), to be minimalist.


Short alias for Require::HookChain
Chainable require hook
Log a message to Log::ger
Log a message to STDERR
Prepend a piece of code to module source
Use a constant string as source code
Always fail a module loading
Do nothing when a module is loaded
Make module loading a no-op
Fail a module loading randomly
Record timestamp of each module's loading (uses Time::HiRes)
Record timestamp of each module's loading


in lib/Require/