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Andy Lester

Changes for version 1.11_01

    • The Bangs::ProhibitVagueNames and Bangs::ProhibitNumberedNames policies have been updated in much the same way:
    • They now check names of subroutines as well as variables.
    • Their checks are now case-insensitive.
    • They only check variables or subroutines that you declare. They will no longer complain if you are forced to use someone else's poorly-named variable.
    • NOTE: The functionality of checking subroutines is experimental. If it causes too many problems, I may remove it, or make it its own policy.
    • Added more documentation about how ProhibitNumberedNames does its matching. There was nothing in there that said that if "utf8" was an exception that "foo_utf8" would pass cleanly.
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