Revision history for Perl extension Test::Memory::Cycle

1.06    Wed Jan 27 22:36:55 CST 2016
        This release has no changes in functionality.

        * One of the tests used to use, but it was not a declared
          dependency, so Perl 5.22+ would fail because is no longer
          shipped as core.  The test now uses a local module for testing.
          Thanks, Graham Ollis.

1.04    Sun Aug  6 22:09:36 CDT 2006
        * Updated the minimum version requirements.

        * Added support for detecting closures.  Thanks Yuval Kogman.

        * Internal code optimizations

1.02    Tue May 17 11:22:09 CDT 2005
        * Added weakened_memory_cycle_ok() and
          weakened_memory_cycle_exists().  Thanks, Stevan Little.

1.00    Sun Jan 23 01:00:32 CST 2005
        * Added memory_cycle_exists().  Thanks, Stevan Little.