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Andy Lester
WWW::Mechanize::Examples - Sample programs that use WWW::Mechanize
WWW::Mechanize::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about WWW::Mechanize
mech-dump - Dumps information about a web page
WWW::Mechanize - Handy web browsing in a Perl object
WWW::Mechanize::Link - Link object for WWW::Mechanize
Changes for version 0.64
  • Big jump in requirements, since we'll soon be using Gisle's
    • new HTML::Form stuff. Also, older versions of HTML::Form
    • don't give output I'm expecting.
    • Many new tests, based on the excellent coverage reporting created by Paul Johnson's Devel::Cover module.
    • Fixed the t/mech-dump.t failure.
  • The start of JavaScript support, sort of!
    • If you have an <A> tag that does an onClick that opens a
    • window, Mech will find the URL from that and make that
    • be the link for the tag. This is for things like Movable
    • Type that pop little windows to rebuild indexes.
    • This is subject to change in the future. I don't know
    • if it will, but I'm not making promises. It might be so
    • buggy I just yank the whole thing.

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