Changes for version 1.20

    • Added new two-argument form of credentials() method. $mech->credentials($username, $password); That provides simpler visiting of password-protected resources in the vast majority of cases and still allows the other cases to be supported. (Peter Scott)
    • autocheck no longer is triggered when informational responses are returned. (Mark Stosberg)
    • test suite no longer fails when Test::Warn is missing. (CPAN testers, Mark Stosberg)
    • Removed all the testing against live sites. The networking code is not actually in Mech anway, and they were prone to breaking, as the live sites changed. (Mark Stosberg)

Changes for version 1.19_02

    • Add new Do-What-I-Mean submit_form() option. $mech->submit_form( with_fields => \%data ); That expresses that you want to select the first form contains all fields in \%data, and then submit the data to that form. See the docs for form_with_fields() and submit_form() for details. (Mark Stosberg, inspired by RT#6100)
    • The behavior of clone() now copies over the cookie jar, which is probably what you expected it did in the first place. This fixes bug RT#13541 filed against Test::WWW::Mechanize, which was using clone() internally. (Mark Stosberg)
    • The correct URL is returned after redirecting. This a regression from 1.04 and was reported as RT#9059, RT#12882, and RT#12786. The documentation about this has also been clarified that we return a URI object, but that it stringifies to the URI itself.
    • Fixed a misleading parm in the constructor.
    • Document the return value of set_visible (RT#6071, MJD, Mark Stosberg)
    • Document that form_name and form_number return an HTML::Form object (Mark Stosberg)
    • Made lots of little cleanups based on Perl::Critic
    • Fix Taint-mode warnings with Perl 5.6.1 (RT#16945)


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