Revision history for Perl distribution Win32-Mechanize-NotepadPlusPlus

v0.003 2020-Apr-06
    - fix mistakes and missing information in the POD (#35)
    - add author tests for checking for autogen entries not in the
        message list, and also note scintilla messages missing
        from autogen that aren't manually implemented or deprecated
    - some NPP v7.8 messages were missing, so add them (#29)
        and add a make target to make that easier to do in the future
    - added version notes, to say which messages and enums require
        NPP v7.8 (because these are the SCI v4.2.0 updates)
    - runPluginsCommand() = fixed command cache feature and improved
        test (#30)
    - test suite: add delay in myTestHelpers to make sure there's
        enough time after Notepad++ started before trying to save the
        session (to avoid race condition with no files loaded yet)

v0.002 2020-Mar-21
    - Reorganize the hash variables for easier and clearer use going
        forward (#13)
    - editor->getLine() on an empty line will now correctly return an empty
        string, not "\0" (fixed #14)
    - update API for getNumberOpenFiles to correctly use the constants (#17)
    - add notepad->getNppVar() for accessing the "user variables", like
    - improve documentation internal links (#20)
    - make the editor->hwnd() a public method (instead of using
    - make the notepad->hwnd() a public method (instead of using
    - add helper editor->getEOLString(): convert EOL Mode integer to a string
    - editor->getFileEndPosition(): gives the end position of the whole document
    - improve test coverage: add encoding names and getLanguageName coverage
        to npp-buffer.t
    - examples/ folder: adding more example usages
    - improve Editor documentation on ->findText and some other methods, and
        clean up set/get pairs, so they share the same information
    - improve Notepad documentation, especially fixing the link for menuCmdID
        source file

v0.001002 2020-02-21
    - Bugfix: notepad()->addText() will now properly add text, and has test
        coverage (fixed #8)
    - Bugfix: notepad()->runMenuCommand() will now return undef (False) if the
        action is not found
    - Test suite: improve the npp-gui runMenuCommand() (fixed #11) and
        runPluginCommand tests
    - Test suite: 31-nppBeforeObject now doesn't try to use nonexistent
        environment variables (fixed #10)

v0.001001 2020-02-15
    - Fix some bugs in the test suite; improve diagnostics for more meaningful
        cpantesters reports
    - Propagate newest signing key to keyservers

v0.001 2020-02-13
    - Initial release

    - Initial pre-release development