Revision history for Circle-Net-Matrix

0.03    2017/03/27 18:34:47
         * Markdown-like formatted message sending
         * Try harder to pick a friendly room name
         * Configurable initial backscroll at connect time
         * Prettier message display formatting for common kinds of room and
           member state changes

0.02    2017/03/20 17:29:46
         * Support some incoming message formatting
         * Add a status bar - show invite and visibility rules, member count,
           typing notifications
         * Bidirectional syncing of read receipts for activity level reset
         * Handle `m.notice` events
         * Pick peer's displayname on 1:1 direct-message rooms

0.01    2017/03/16 16:02:32
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.