(*) denotes features requiring Circle features
(**) denotes features requiring Circle and Tangence features
(#) denotes features requiring NaMatrix features

App::MatrixClient feature parity:

Send typing notifications (*)
My own displayname
  - commands to change it
Online/away status
  - display it
  - commands to change it
  - automatic management on idleness (*)
Incoming invites
Non-text media events
Sending media (* - FE->BE file transfer somehow??)

Other TODOs:

Send formatted messages:
  - consider more than *italic* **bold** `monospace`
  - /html command
  - rich text editor (*)
Sending invites
Tab-completion group for member names
Memberlist display (* - some sort of list item widget)
Dynamic history replay by infinite scrollback (** - dequeue in Tangence)
Some special handling of 1:1 rooms (# - requires account_data)