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Paul Evans
IO::Async - perform asynchronous filehandle IO and other operations
IO::Async::ChildManager - facilitates the execution of child processes
IO::Async::Connector - perform non-blocking socket connections
IO::Async::DetachedCode - execute code asynchronously in child processes
IO::Async::Handle - event callbacks for a non-blocking file descriptor
IO::Async::Listener - listen on network sockets for incoming connections
IO::Async::Loop - core loop of the IO::Async framework
IO::Async::Loop::IO_Poll - compatibility wrapper for IO::Async::Loop::Poll
IO::Async::Loop::Poll - use IO::Async with poll(2)
IO::Async::Loop::Select - use IO::Async with select(2)
IO::Async::LoopTests - acceptance testing for IO::Async::Loop subclasses
IO::Async::MergePoint - resynchronise diverged control flow
IO::Async::Notifier - base class for IO::Async event objects
IO::Async::Resolver - performing name resolutions asynchronously
IO::Async::Sequencer - handle a serial pipeline of requests / responses (EXPERIMENTAL)
IO::Async::Signal - event callback on receipt of a POSIX signal
IO::Async::Stream - read and write buffers around an IO handle
IO::Async::Test - utility functions for use in test scripts
IO::Async::Timer - base class for Notifiers that use timed delays
IO::Async::Timer::Countdown - event callback after a fixed delay
IO::Async::Timer::Periodic - event callback at regular intervals
Changes for version 0.25
  • Accept 'stream'/'dgram'/'raw' as symbolic shortcuts for socket
    • types in connect/listen operations - avoids 'use Socket'
  • Accept IO::Handle-derived objects in ChildManager setup keys as
    • well as raw GLOB refs BUGFIXES:
  • Various changes to test scripts to hopefully improve portability or
    • reliability during smoke tests

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