Revision history for IPC-PerlSSH

0.17    2016/12/11 23:21:32
         * Make pread buffer size parametric
         * Fix typo in docs - s/load_library/use_library/
         * Updated documentation to  =head2 barename  style

         * Add 'use lib "."' to unit tests for perl 5.24

0.16    CHANGES:
         * Provide a nicer ->build_command_from() method in Base that deletes
           hashref keys
         * Allow arguments or return values to include undef
         * Added a small example script

0.15    CHANGES:
         * Added Library::FS::remove, mkpath, rmtree
         * Added 'Port' and 'SshOptions' constructor arguments
         * Added 'Readh'+'Writeh' constructor form
         * Use Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception
         * Various documentation updates

0.14    CHANGES:
         * Provide STDERR-capturing versions of Library::Run functions

0.13    BUGFIXES:
         * Avoid fchmod/fchown on perls before 5.8.8

0.12    BUGFIXES:
         * Handle SIGPIPE in Run::system_inout, handle exec() failures
         * Always load library initialisation, even with partial load lists
         * Fix tests/libraries to work on perl versions prior to 5.10 -
           package variables need re-declaring

0.11    CHANGES:
         * Added 'use warnings'
         * Created Run and IO libraries
         * Apply 'package' statements to remote stored code and libraries;
           allow libaries to persist package variables
         * Report the offending line of code in remote compile errors
         * Various other code and documentation updates

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Documentation fix to Library::FS::writefile()
         * Neater behaviour in for subclasses when parse_message()

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Neater cleanup behaviour on unref
         * Added 'rename' FS library function

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Added Changes notes file
         * Added ->use_library() functionallity
         * Created FS library
         * Allow alternate path to SSH binary