Net::Async::WebSocket::JSON - use JSON-encoded data over WebSockets
    with IO::Async


    This distribution provides subclasses of modules from
    Net::Async::WebSocket that add convenient wrappers for encoding or
    decoding JSON data in text frames over websockets.

    To implement a server, use Net::Async::WebSocket::JSON::Server as if it
    was Net::Async::WebSocket::Server.

    To implement a client, use Net::Async::WebSocket::JSON::Client as if it
    was Net::Async::WebSocket::Client.

    In either cases, connected client instances will be instances of
    Net::Async::WebSocket::JSON::Protocol, and have the new send_json
    method and on_json event available.

    This module itself does not provide any code, and exists only to
    provide the module $VERSION and top-level documentation.


      * Protocol::WebSocket - WebSocket protocol


    Paul Evans <>