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Paul Evans
Circle - server backend for the Circle application host
Circle::Collection in lib/Circle/Collection.pm
Circle::Command in lib/Circle/Command.pm
Circle::Commandable in lib/Circle/Commandable.pm
Circle::CommandInvocation in lib/Circle/CommandInvocation.pm
Circle::Configurable in lib/Circle/Configurable.pm
Circle::GlobalRules in lib/Circle/GlobalRules.pm
Circle::Net::IRC in lib/Circle/Net/IRC.pm
Circle::Net::IRC::Channel in lib/Circle/Net/IRC/Channel.pm
Circle::Net::IRC::Target in lib/Circle/Net/IRC/Target.pm
Circle::Net::IRC::User in lib/Circle/Net/IRC/User.pm
Circle::Net::Raw in lib/Circle/Net/Raw.pm
Circle::RootObj in lib/Circle/RootObj.pm
Circle::Rule::Chain in lib/Circle/Rule/Chain.pm
Circle::Rule::Resultset in lib/Circle/Rule/Resultset.pm
Circle::Rule::Store in lib/Circle/Rule/Store.pm
Circle::Ruleable in lib/Circle/Ruleable.pm
Circle::Session::Tabbed in lib/Circle/Session/Tabbed.pm
Circle::TaggedString in lib/Circle/TaggedString.pm
Circle::Widget in lib/Circle/Widget.pm
Circle::Widget::Box in lib/Circle/Widget/Box.pm
Circle::Widget::Entry in lib/Circle/Widget/Entry.pm
Circle::Widget::Label in lib/Circle/Widget/Label.pm
Circle::Widget::Scroller in lib/Circle/Widget/Scroller.pm
Circle::WindowItem in lib/Circle/WindowItem.pm
Changes for version 0.04
  • Add NaIRC to Loop at construct time
  • Allow setting a local host name to bind for IRC connections
  • Initial attempt at real unit tests
  • Install circle.tan into sharedir
  • Make stdin/stdout connect scheme actually work
  • Remove kickee on IRC KICK, not kicker
  • Send application-level warnings to root object as 'warning' events

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