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Daniel Pfeiffer
makepp - Compatible but improved replacement for make
makepp - Command line syntax for makepp
makepp_build_algorithm - How makepp executes a makefile
makepp_build_cache - How to set up and use build caches
makepp_build_check - How makepp decides to rebuild files
makepp_builtin - Built in rules for makepp
makepp_builtins - Builtin commands in makepp
makepp_compatibility - Compatibility list for makepp
makepp_cookbook - The best way to set up makefiles for various situations
makepp_extending - How to extend makepp using Perl
makepp_faq - Frequently asked questions about makepp
makepp_functions - Functions in makepp
makepp_incompatibilities - Incompatibilities between makepp and GNU make
makepp_index - All keywords, functions and operators in makepp
makepp_perl_performance - How to make Perl faster
makepp_release_notes - Major changes in each version of makepp
makepp_repositories - How to use repositories for variant builds, for maintaining a central set of sources, and other things
makepp_rules - How to tell makepp to build something
makepp_sandboxes - How to partition a makepp build
makepp_scanning - How makepp finds include files and other hidden dependencies
makepp_signatures - How makepp knows when files have changed
makepp_speedup - How to make makepp faster
makepp_statements - Various statements in a makefile
makepp_tutorial - Tutorial on writing makefiles
makepp_tutorial_compilation - Unix compilation commands
makepp_variables - How to use variables in makepp
makeppbuiltin - Stand-alone access to builtin commands in makepp
makeppclean - Stand-alone cleanup script for makepp
makeppgraph - Graphical analysis of the dependency graph
makeppinfo - What makepp knows about files
makepplog - Textual analysis of the build log
makeppreplay - Fast repeater of selected makepp actions
Mpp - Common subs for makepp and makeppreplay
Mpp::ActionParser::Legacy - Makepp scanner class for legacy interface
Mpp::ActionParser::Specific - Makepp scanner class for a specified command scanner
Mpp::BuildCache - subroutines for handling the makepp build cache
Mpp::BuildCacheControl - Externally usable management commands
Mpp::BuildCheck - Interface definition for various signature classes
Mpp::BuildCheck::architecture_independent - A build check method that ignores changes in architecture
Mpp::BuildCheck::exact_match - a signature class that requires that dependencies have exactly the same signature they did on the last build
Mpp::BuildCheck::ignore_action - A build check method that ignores changes in the command.
Mpp::BuildCheck::only_action - A build check method that only looks at the command.
Mpp::BuildCheck::target_newer - a build check class that uses the traditional Make algorithm
Mpp::Cmds - Builtin commands for makefiles
Mpp::CommandParser - Base class for makepp command parsers
Mpp::CommandParser::Esql - makepp command parser for various Esql preprocessors
Mpp::CommandParser::Gcc - makepp command parser for gcc or cc
Mpp::CommandParser::Swig - makepp command parser for swig
Mpp::CommandParser::Vcs - makepp command parser for Synopsys VCS
Mpp::Event - event loop for makepp
Mpp::File - cached information about files and directories
Mpp::File - optional subs to complement Mpp::File
Mpp::Fixer::Automake - Fix Automake crap
Mpp::Fixer::CMake - Fix CMake Makefiles so they become nice
Mpp::Glob - Subroutines for reading directories easily.
Mpp::Lexer - Makepp lexer for finding commands and redirections in a rule
Mpp::Makefile - an object that groks makefiles and stores their relevant info
Mpp::Recursive - Support for making dumb recursive make smart
Mpp::Repository - Makepp repository functionality
Mpp::Scanner - Base class for makepp file scanners
Mpp::Scanner::C - makepp scanner for C-like files
Mpp::Scanner::Esqlc - makepp scanner for Embedded SQL C files
Mpp::Scanner::Swig - makepp scanner for SWIG's .i files
Mpp::Scanner::Vera - makepp scanner for Vera files
Mpp::Scanner::Verilog - makepp scanner for Verilog files
Mpp::Signature - Interface definition for various signature classes
Mpp::Signature::c_compilation_md5 - a signature class that ignores changes to whitespace and comments
Mpp::Signature::md5 - Mpp::Signature class based on MD5 checksum
Mpp::Signature::shared_object - a signature class that ignores changes to shared objects
Mpp::Signature::verilog_synthesis_md5 - a signature class that ignores changes to whitespace and comments
Mpp::Signature::xml - a signature class that ignores insignificant changes and comments
Mpp::Subs - Functions and statements for makefiles
Mpp::Text - Subs for manipulating typical makefile text
Pod::Html - module to convert pod files to HTML UNAUTHORIZED
Mpp in Mpp/BuildCacheControl.pm
Mpp::BuildCache::Entry in Mpp/BuildCache.pm
Mpp::DefaultRule in Mpp/Rule.pm
Mpp::Event::Process in Mpp/Event.pm
Mpp::File in Mpp/Repository.pm
Mpp::Rule in Mpp/Rule.pm
Mpp::Signature::xml_space in Mpp/Signature/xml_space.pm

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