LSF::Batch - Access Platform Computing's LSF (Load Sharing Facility) Batch API
from Perl
Copyright (c) 2001 Paul Franceus. All rights reserved.  This program is
free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.

Most of the functions in the API have been implemented and work,  but
the formal is pretty skimpy. We've been using it now for
production work, so it's starting to get a workout.

If you are interested in contributing at this point, you can:

1: Write some more tests so I can get this whole thing tested.
2: Flesh out the interfaces to a few calls that I haven't implemented
3: If you have ideas for improving the "perlishness" of the interface
   chime right in.


This now works on both Solaris 2.X and AIX 4.3. It should also work on
Linux and Tru64.

Thanks to Jim Meyer of Platform Computing for the updated Makefile.PL.

Thanks to Ray Hookway of Compaq for the fixes to work with Tru64.

Contributions are always welcome.


Version 0.01 4/04/2000:

First public release. Some functions not totally debugged and not
completely tested.

Version 0.02 4/05/2000:

Forgot to add this README to the MANIFEST. How silly of me!

Version 0.03 6/01/2000:

Got the library working on Solaris.
Fixed several bugs.

Version 0.04 4/13/2001:

Much general improvement. Added support for lsb_geteventrec. What a pain.
Wrote a script to help generate XS code from LSF include files (
that at least made this task bearable.

Any suggestions, comments, questions please send to me:

Paul Franceus
Capita Technologies, Inc.