Author image Peter G. Martin


FrameMaker::FromHTML -- class to convert HTML file to FrameMaker MIF


Peter G. Martin The Scribe & Chutney Trust


Version 0.01 1 December 2002


use base 'FrameMaker::FromHTML';

use strict;

my ($infile, $outfile);

$infile = shift;

($outfile = $infile) =~ s/\.htm[l]*$/\.mif/;

# Insert routine to validate HTML -- eg, use HTML-Tidy

# VERY important -- this script is fragile at any time

# but worse with bad HTML

my $p = FrameMaker::FromHTML->new($outfile) ;

$p->parse_file("$tempfile") or die "Parsing failed on $tempfile: $!\n";


Use to convert properly formed HTML into FrameMaker MIF. Likely to be found buggy, particularly with funny HTML. Errors in MIF are usually flagged in FrameMaker console when FrameMaker is used to open the file.

See example file, which may be all you'll need to get it working on some files. In which case, you'll need to have HTML-Tidy installed to clean up your HTML.


Galore. Particularly if expected HTML elements are missing.