Revision history for Perl extension WebService::Nextbus::Agency.

0.01	Sat Dec  6 06:25:13 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options

0.02 12/6/03
	- can use the helper data in WebService::Nextbus::Agency::SFMUNI.  No
	other functionality.

0.10 7/12/04
	- Had to redo whole tree structure for SFMUNI due to changes in website.
	Went ahead and finally coded the WebService::Nextbus module so that this
	redo would be easy.  Subsequently changed the implementation of SFMUNI
	so that it now loads its tree from a stored serialized data file.  Thus
	we now require the Storable module, but this is pretty standard.
	  Actual implementation of Agency hasn't changed, but documentation has

0.11 7/14/04
	- More small coding improvements to SFMUNI and a lot better documentation

0.12 7/14/04
	- Changed stored data to Storable->nstore to try to improve architecture
	interoperability for SFMUNI.