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Revision history for Perl utility program Inside.

0.07  Mon Dec  4 2000
	- original version (with a Makefile.PL and all)
0.10  Thu Dec  7 2000
	- Fixed missing backslash in regular expression, minor other
	  fixes. Added copyright notice to misc files.
0.11  Thu Dec  7 2000
	- Fixed that missing backslash for real this time. It was being
	  unfixed by RCS, so many fixes for that. Adjusted the
	  top-of-program magic to (I hope) not make warnings. Added
	  local() to some uses of $^W.
0.12  Thu Dec  7 2000
	- Small fix for MacPerl support.
0.13  Fri Dec  8 2000
	- Rounded CPU seconds to nearest tenth. Fixed tests to (maybe)
	  work on more systems.
1.00  Fri Dec  8 2000
	- Bumped version number to 1.00.
	- First public release.

1.01  Wed Mar 21 2001
	- Fixed minor misspellings, one e-mail address, other trivial