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Revision history for Perl extension Apache::Dispatch

0.12 04.25.2009 16:06 PST
  - set library versions to $Apache::Dispatch::Util::VERSION so PAUSE
	can index them correctly

0.11 04.25.2009 14:32 PST
  - remove t/TEST.PL (it is not needed)
  - put version in Apache::Dispatch::Util to avoid issue with Apache2::Module
  - document PerlLoadModule for Dispatch* directives - ideysus@annocpan
  - reduce unnecessary log verbosity
  - use Apache::Bootstrap to bootstrap mod_perl version

0.10 01.08.2008
  - steal the RELEASE doc from Apache::Reload and adapt it - fred
  - steal the Makefile.PL from A::R, and merge it with our needed custom
    config directive generation, it detects the version more reliably - fred

0.10_03 12.14.2007
  - use the :withtestmore feature correctly - fred, thanks to geoff for the spot
  - use like() instead of ok( $foo =~ m/bar/ ) - fred

0.10_02  07.19.2007
  - fix the unadvertised feature which allows handling <Location /> - fred

0.10_01  10.23.2006
  - move common methods to Apache::Dispatch::Util and adjust @ISA for
	Apache*::Dispatch modules to use common methods via inheritance - fred
  - deprecated $Apache::Dispatch::DEBUG directive per dev notes in favor
	of DispatchDebug, which accepts the same arguments, see pod - fred
  - mod_perl2 compatibility via Apache2::Dispatch - fred
  - source code now under subversion at - geoff, domm
  - project moved to - geoff
  * new maintainer: Fred Moyer <>
  - pass $rc to error handler to allow for finer grained error handling
  - print "Using/Exiting A::D" only if $debug>=1
  * new maintainer: Thomas Klausner,
  - fixed DispatchISA bug that kept adding the same classes to @ISA
    (Barrie Slaymaker)
  - fixed bug for <Location /> (thanks again to Barrie for the spot)
  - suggested use of pseudoclass in AUTOLOAD documentation
  - added test suite based on Apache::Test (from 2.0)
  - made invoked method available from pre/post/error handlers
    (suggested by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.09  01.31.2001
  - added DispatchLocation - now .htaccess configs should work (really)
    thanks yet again to Matt Sergeant
  - documented DispatchLocation
  - added DispatchRequire (suggested by Vivek Khera, and many others
    I can't remember specifically)
  - documented DispatchRequire
  - fixed DispatchExtras Post documentation (Vivek Khera)
  - Apache::Dispatch was added to Joshua Chamas' benchmarking
    stuff - see ToDo for some results

0.08  12.04.2000
  - minor documentation additions and fixups
  - changed all directives so that they can be used from within
    .htaccess files (suggested by Matt Sergeant)
  - removed extraneous SERVER_CREATE and SERVER_MERGE sections

0.07  10.26.2000
  - added support for output filtering
    thanks to Ken Williams for additional Apache::Filter functionality
  - added FILTERING section to documentation
  - added DispatchISA functionality to set parent classes for 
    dispatched module
  - added DispatchAUTOLOAD directive to make AUTOLOAD behavior user
  - added AUTOLOAD section to documentation
  - more, better documentation
  - modified Apache::ModuleConfig->get() calls
    thanks to Doug MacEachern for the enlightenment
  - fixed bug that allowed for duplicate DispatchExtras directives
  - fixed directive inheritance problems
  - fixed dispatch_index bug
  - fixed one minor "my $x if 0" condition
  - fixed DispatchStat ISA directive to properly recurse all levels
  - made mod_perl 1.2401 required due to DIR_MERGE memory leak in 
    mod_perl < 1.24

0.06  8.29.2000
  - changed call to error_dispatch to pass $r and $@
  - documented the arguments passed to the extras
  - log the error if the handler dies and there is no 
    error_dispatch() routine defined

0.05  8.11.2000
  - made several changes to _stat - should be more stable now
  - added AUTOLOAD support

0.04  8.8.2000
  - fixed bug to allow null DispatchExtras directive
  - cleaned up Makefile.PL
  - borrowed from Apache::StatINC and added DispatchStat 
    directive (suggested by Matt Sergeant and Dan Campbell)

0.03  8.4.2000
  - complete API and internal rewrite
      o added DispatchExtras and DispatchPrefix directive
      o removed per-server configurations
      o added new pre_dispatch, post_dispatch, error_dispatch
        and dispatch_index method tie-ins
  - updated documentation
  - more kudos to Matt Sergeant for invaluable insight

0.02  8.1.2000
  - thanks again to Matt Sergeant for input not limited to
    the following valuable suggestions
      o add DispatchBase for dispatching on a protected,
        per-location basis
      o add DispatchMethod Prefix for protecting methods
        behind a dispatch_ prepend
  - changed behavior of directory and server merges
  - updated the documentation

0.01  7.28.2000
  - original version
  - many kudos and thanks to:
      Vivek Khera
      Matt Sergeant
    for the initial ideas and impetus