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  • SOAPsh.pl - Interactive shell for SOAP calls
  • XMLRPCsh.pl - Interactive shell for XMLRPC calls
  • stubmaker.pl - Generates client stubs from a WSDL file.
  • SOAP::Client - exists purely as a superclass for client classes declared by the various SOAP::Lite transport modules.
  • SOAP::Data - this class provides the means by which to explicitly manipulate and control all aspects of the way in which Perl data gets expressed as SOAP data entities.
  • SOAP::Deserializer - the means by which the toolkit manages the conversion of XML into an object manageable by a developer
  • SOAP::Fault - encapsulates SOAP faults prior to their serialization or after their deserialization
  • SOAP::Header - similar to SOAP::Data elements, a SOAP::Header object simply is encoded in the SOAP Header block
  • SOAP::SOM - provides access to the values contained in SOAP Response
  • SOAP::Schema - provides an umbrella for the way in which SOAP::Lite manages service description schemas
  • SOAP::Serializer - the means by which the toolkit manages the expression of data as XML
  • SOAP::Server - provides the basic framework for the transport-specific server classes to build upon
  • SOAP::Trace - used only to manage and manipulate the runtime tracing of execution within the toolkit
  • SOAP::Transport - an abstract class extended by more specialized transport modules
  • SOAP::Utils - a utility package for SOAP::Lite