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Paul Jamieson Fenwick

Changes for version 1.994

  • BUGFIX: flock(), ioctl() and truncate() are now part of the :file tag.
  • BUGFIX: link(), mkdir(), rmdir(), symlink() and umask() are now part of the :filesys tag.
  • BUGFIX: The new :msg tag contains msgctl(), msgget(), msgrcv(), and msgsnd().
  • BUGFIX: The new :semaphore tag contains semctl(), semget() and semop().
  • BUGFIX: The new :shm tag contains shmget(), shmread() and shmctl().
  • BUGFIX: The new :ipc tag contains :msg, :semaphore, :shm and pipe().
  • BUGFIX: The read(), seek(), sysread(), syswrite() and sysseek() methods have been added to :io.
  • BUGFIX: autodie produces more detailed messages on internal faults, and is more aggressive about stopping code compilation.
  • FEATURE: flock will not die on failure when called with the LOCK_NB option and would return false due to an EWOULDBLOCK. See function specific notes in autodie documentation for more details.
  • FEATURE: Stringified exceptions from flock() are significantly nicer to read.
  • FEATURE: use autodie qw(:1.994) can be used to specify the :default tag from a particular version.
  • DOCUMENTATION: flock() is documented as being in the :file tag.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Added function-specific notes in autodie.pm
  • TEST: New tests for rmdir(), mkdir(), and unlink(), thanks to Jacinta Richardson.
  • TEST: Added author-only perlcritic tests.
  • META: META.yml has more correct author information.
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