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Tie::Array::BoundedIndex lets you create arrays whose indices have
limited ranges.  To find out more, either install the module and use
the command:

	$ perldoc Tie::Array::BoundedIndex

or, if you haven't installed it yet,type

	$ perldoc lib/Tie/Array/BoundedIndex.pm

This module is an expanded version of an example developed in the book
"Perl Medic: Transforming Legacy Code". See http://www.perlmedic.com/.


Use Module::Build:

	$ perl Build.PL
	$ ./Build
	$ ./Build test
	$ ./Build install

but if you happen to do it the old way:

	$ perl Makefile.PL
	$ make
	$ make test
	$ make install

well then, the magic of Module::Build will make it work anyway.


Copyright (c) 2003 Peter J. Scott.  This program is licensed under the
same terms as Perl itself.  That means there's no warranty. You can
report problems and I might fix them; if you send in a fix yourself
that makes it very likely that I will apply it.


Peter Scott, pjs-cpan@PSDT.com