++ed by:
Author image Philipp Busse
and 4 contributors

Changes for version v1.0.11 - 2022-01-28

  • Fixed bugs in the `Mojolicious::Plugin::SentrySDK` integration
  • Fix: swap the std output streams for error vs non-error cases
  • Fix: set HTTP status only if one exists
  • Fix: `$span` being used without being set in `Sentry::Integration::LwpUserAgent`
  • Fixed `Sentry::SDK->capture_event` to invoke "capture event"


Sentry plugin for CGI::Application
Sentry plugin for Mojolicious
sentry.io integration


in lib/Sentry/Cache.pm
in lib/Sentry/Client.pm
in lib/Sentry/DSN.pm
in lib/Sentry/Envelope.pm
in lib/Sentry/Hub.pm
in lib/Sentry/Hub/Scope.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration/Base.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration/DBI.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration/DieHandler.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration/LwpUserAgent.pm
in lib/Sentry/Integration/MojoUserAgent.pm
in lib/Sentry/Logger.pm
in lib/Sentry/Severity.pm
in lib/Sentry/SourceFileRegistry.pm
in lib/Sentry/SourceFileRegistry/ContextLine.pm
in lib/Sentry/Stacktrace.pm
in lib/Sentry/Stacktrace/Frame.pm
in lib/Sentry/Tracing/SamplingMethod.pm
in lib/Sentry/Tracing/Span.pm
in lib/Sentry/Tracing/Status.pm
in lib/Sentry/Tracing/Transaction.pm
in lib/Sentry/Transport/Http.pm
in lib/Sentry/Util.pm