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Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::SoundChange.

0.05  2002-05-20
        - don't ship Test::More; rather, depend on it. That way, the
        user can use a newer version.
        - Don't rely on $` any more (instead, use (.*?) and $1).

0.04  Sun Oct 14 18:51:00 2001
	- fixed a bug with the 'keep' option that only surfaced when more
	than one rule was supplied
        - Changed the way long variable names are processed. Now the rules
        C/V/_ and <C>/<V>/_ should be distinguished (the first refers to a
        letter 'C', the second to a variable named 'C'; previously, the first
        case would have found the rule 'C' as well, which was not what was
        - New tests for 'keep' and 'printRules' options (which have now
        disappeared as individual options following the interface change)
        - Interface change: instead of the return list consisting either
        of simple scalars (default) or arrayrefs with two elements (with
        the 'keep' option), the return list now consists of hashrefs.
        Current keys are 'word' (the transformed word), 'orig' (the
        original word), and 'rules' (a list of which rules applied to the
        word and at which position).
        This change also means that the module always uses $`, incurring
        a slight run-time penalty for all regular expressions in the
        script using Lingua::SoundChange.

0.03  Sat Oct  6 20:19:20 2001
	- added multiple-letter variable names

0.02  Sat Oct  6 17:30:51 2001
	- changed licensing terms to BSD-style licence; removed sample 'sounds'
		wrapper script from the MANIFEST and distribution file

0.01  Sat Sep 22 13:12:35 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A -X -n Lingua::SoundChange